Now What?


When your child is diagnosed with a serious, chronic illness like JA it can turn your entire world upside down. At the time of diagnosis, you may find yourself numb, shock and in disbelief that something like this is happening to your family. It’s not the best time to soak in the information provided by your doctor.

After you get home, invariably you will have countless questions that you didn’t think to ask. Even more likely, you will forget many of the answers you DID get while you were in the doctor’s office.

Resist the urge to google everything. Save that for later. In the beginning, you need a solid reference that you can refer back to, a comprehensive guide to pediatric rheumatology. The best one that I have found is by Dr. Thomas Lehman, a renowned physician specializing in this area. Even though this book leans very heavily on medical references, it is well written and easy to follow for parents without a medical background. As an “experienced” rheumatology parent, I have also found it an invaluable source of information as new diagnoses are mentioned or added to my own child’s list of ailments. After you have acquired a good base knowledge, it is much easier to ask focused questions and seek out quality information.

You can find Dr. Lehman’s book here:

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