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When I was diagnosed with JIA it had been bothering me for a while, but no one believed me. My brother had been really sick, going in and out of the hospital with a bad flare so when I said something, everyone thought it was just for attention. I never had any signs of JA before I turned 11, but they suspected my brother had it when he was 2.

Finally one night my mom was giving my brother his shots and I came in to tell her how bad my elbows hurt. She was a little irritated with me because she was busy and thought I just wanted attention, but when I left the room she saw how big and red my elbows were. She took pictures and sent them to the doctor. At my next visit doctor visit it was happening again, so that is when I got diagnosed. Since then I started taking some medications, and getting more lab work done to keep checking my condition. My advice is don’t exaggerate, but keep telling your parents if YOU know something is wrong!

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