Black Friday

Looking at Google Trends this morning, I found that “Black Friday” is the hottest search term today. No surprise there, it seems as though the shopping holiday is even bigger news than the Thanksgiving holiday itself. Even though “Black Friday” is traditionally an American thing, and it always the day after Thanksgiving, Google reports that it is the number one search today, even in other countries like Canada and Australia.


I would say that makes it a pretty big deal.

Our family has never truly participated because a) we aren’t too fond of crowds b) we aren’t too fond of the truly crazy bargain hunters (you know what I mean right?  The people that are willing to punch you in the face over the last _____ on the shelf) and c) because Juvenile Arthritis would make all the standing, walking, and getting bumped by rude people just a little too painful.

Besides, do we really need THAT much more stuff?

Not really….but I do need to buy a few things for Christmas, and the deals can be really good, so what’s a mom to do?

I’ll tell you.

I shop online.


That solves all three of the problems I outlined above. I even plan ahead by buying prepaid visa or american express giftcards so that I can worry less about my “real” credit cards being compromised online. I make the Black Friday thing work for us, but I also make it work for others.

How do I do that, you ask?  I try to do just a little bit extra. I try to make each purchase count, by using sites like iGive. I make my Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile. Both are free to you, and the charity of your choice gets a small percentage of all your online purchases through their sites. I check and see if anything I want or need is being offered through a fundraiser or special event (like the Mary, Martha & Myositis online party or Paracord for a Cure) I also get whatever I can with the free/bonus gift offers, even if I don’t want them, because I know I can always donate good new stuff to charity. Just because it isn’t something that I would choose, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t make someone else’s holiday!

Although most people think “Black Friday” refers to the biggest shopping day of the year, and putting retailers “in the black”  its origins were much darker. According to the Huffington Post, the term “Black Friday” was coined by unhappy Philadelphia Police officers who were dealing with unruly crowds, traffic and “incidents” related to the Army-Navy game held on the same day. Somehow things got a bit twisted, retailers adopted the catchy phrase and the “Black Friday” we know today was born (although there are many of the same parallels, right?!?!)

Now we can choose to take Black Friday to the next phase, to help it morph into something more than it is today- to make it  less about crowds, incidents and greed- and  more about keeping our own finances in the black (with those great deals!) while contributing to the financial health of our favorite charities and helping keep them in the black too.

Happy Black Friday everyone! Make it count!


For more info, also visit Shop ‘Til You Drop (or Don’t)




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