I Didn’t Quit.

I didn’t quit.


I was tested, but I pushed through. It was just a 5k, and I have run plenty of them, but this time was different.

I’m talking about the Jingle Bell Run. It seems like everything was stacked against me. It was almost 90 miles away. I had to get up REALLY early (packet pickup started at 6:30 am! Race at 8:30 am) The highway to get there was under construction and down to one lane in many places. The car needed gas. It was FREEZING. I hadn’t been training, and woke up with a runny nose and headache.

There were a lot of reasons (good reasons) why I should bail,the biggest one being that son #1 was up with a stomach virus half the night (and therefore, so was I) and he couldn’t go to the run at all. I didn’t want to leave him, I wanted to stay home.

But I didn’t.

Son #2 offered to skip the race to fill in for son #1 at the table. I had 3 other ladies waiting for me on my team to run with them. Grandma was home and able to take care of son#1. No excuses. 5 am came, and I did what I needed to do to get my rump in gear and get on the road.

I still wasn’t feeling it.

I tried really hard.

My friends picked up my packet for me, I had some great one on one time with my son #2, but I still wanted to bail. The expo was nice and warm. It was 19 degrees outside and I didn’t have gloves. One of my friend’s kids (who wasn’t running) gave me his pair. No excuses. *sigh*

We headed out to the starting line. It was frigid.



The wind was gusting (look closely at the hair of the gal behind us,) and there was just a smattering of blowing snow here and there. There was ice on the road in patches. It was miserable, but at least it was sunny.

The course was simple (although later I found out through my phone gps that it was more like 3.5 miles instead of 3.1) run

The course from the start to halfway between points 3 and 1, was brutal. With fields all around, the wind was unrelenting. By the time I got to the point marked by the #2, there were LOTS of runners who had already completed the loop. I ALMOST crossed the street to be with them (cutting of at least a half k or so) I was in the middle of a really big group. No one would know. I wasn’t running with a timed bib, this was a “fun” run.  What could it hurt?

I was just about ready to drift over when…..

I had a Jiminy Cricket moment. The other runners had gone the whole way, and probably were competing for time. I didn’t want to be slow and in their way. I hadn’t earned my place on that side of the road yet. Sure I was cold and miserable, but so was everyone else, and I remembered why we were all there.

We were raising money for the Arthritis Foundation. Raising money for an illness that BOTH my children have. Can they take a shortcut from their disease? Can they decide to quit or take the easy way? Would running my race like that really honor them?

I didn’t quit. I kept running, the entire way. Sure, I stopped to walk, and even dealt with a bout of cold and exercise induced asthma (I forgot my inhaler, but my friend had one) I had every reason to quit- but I had better reasons to keep going. I had friends and family that committed money to sponsor me on this run,almost $500 in pledges for our family.  If I quit, I let them all down.

I didn’t have my best time. It was pretty pitiful actually, almost 15 minutes slower than my last 5k (this year.) I was windburned, sunburned, and beat, and I still had to drive two hours to get home. The wind had given me a wicked earache, but I was happy.

I was proud, because I didn’t quit.

Grant doesn’t quit. Evan doesn’t quit. Connor, Jordan, Seth, Emily, Zach, Cameron, Laniese, Mikayla, Kylie, Jenna (and many other JA warriors) don’t get to quit.

I only had to run a couple extra blocks. Thinking about them for 42 minutes on an extra uncomfortable “jog” is what pushed me through. It was 42 minutes for me, for them, it is their lives. I pushed through the discomfort for them. I pushed through for the people who believed in me.

I didn’t quit. I got it done.




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  1. And good job on following through and not quitting. You are indeed an inspiration..
    Susie Lampman recently posted…pokertrainingreport.comMy Profile

  2. What an awesome blog! You really went through it like you do everyday with 2 children with JA. Having one is hard enough. God bless you.

    • Thank you Donna, we all have our challenges. Luckily my second son had a much milder case! Its true though, that our life isn’t really what it appears to be from the outside, but I am still grateful, as I still have BOTH my kids- unfortunately not every JA parent can say that. This is why I don’t quit. I can’t…. but also its because I WON’T, and there are so many other parents out there doing the same exact thing (like YOU too!) We’re all in it together!

  3. I hope you are getting a little rest today! You are an inspiration. Now I have to put down my phone and get on the treadmill. There won’t be snow here but it will be cold and I haven’t trained at all.
    Herchel S recently posted…The Strongest SoldiersMy Profile

    • NO rest for the weary! I was up again at 4:30 am, driving across state for a one day football camp for the kids. It was all outside, and it was just as cold, plus they wanted the parents to participate! I look at it as a blessing, that G was well enough today to do it-so it was hard, but rewarding. Just like yesterday!

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