Hey Tom Cruise! My Life Is Hard Too.

It’s all over the internet this morning.Tom Cruise thinks his life is REALLY hard. Thank you NaBloPoMo for forcing me to write daily, and think about things differently, because if I hadn’t been participating in National Blog Posting Month, this topic would have never crossed my mind, and yes- it does relate to JA.


I woke up this morning (5 am) and found the dog had puked, again. *sigh*  I clean it up, walk all three of them, get them fed and wonder why none of them have adjusted to the time change yet. Oh yeah, I remember now, dogs can’t tell time. I grab my cup of warm, steamy wake-up juice, and settle down to troll Facebook, pin a few things, catch up on some blogs I follow and see what’s happening in the world before the kids get up.

Then I see this:

"My work as an actor is as hard as a soldier fighting in Afghanistan"

“My work as an actor is as hard as a soldier fighting in Afghanistan”



As a former NFL family, we know that the media can twist and turn things around (don’t believe everything you read or hear!) But, um… it didn’t seem like pure sensationalism was the issue in this case because he went on to drop some other precious sound-bite gems, including likening himself to an Olympic athlete:

“A sprinter for the Olympics, they only have to run two races a day,” he continued. “When I’m shooting, I could potentially have to run 30, 40 races a day, day after day.”

(Read more about it here)


In all fairness the New York Daily News article does state attorneys who witnessed Tom making these comments at the actual deposition thought his quotes were “a gross distortion of the record,” and when Tom was asked if he really  felt the situations he discussed were comparable, his response was “Oh, come on.”

Well, that’s better. I know the media, and I knew there was some exaggeration and taking things out of context here.

But it still makes me a little angry.

It makes me angry with Tom Cruise for believing it. Even though he may have been joking, the kind of comments that he made came up too many times in the deposition for me to believe that in some small way, he doesn’t actually buy into those sentiments, at least a little. We, the public, build sports and entertainment figures up to the point where it is hard for them not to believe they are what we’ve made them. (Remember, I was married to a 13 year NFL veteran I know what I’m talking about here) I think even though he might have been speaking off the cuff, there is some small part of him that believes it, at least to a degree. We also fuel the fire when we read about this stuff, make it the most buzz-worthy topic, and keep spreading it around.

That’s what makes me  really angry, because we are getting all worked up about the wrong things.

Let’s talk about hard. Real life hard.

Hard is being a military mom, serving in Iraq while your young child with Systemic Onset Juvenile Arthritis is fighting for her life in a hospital half a world away, hanging by a thread  while you wait to see if your compassionate leave orders will come in time. That’s hard.

Making a movie about being a soldier/spy/military officer? Uh, not so much.

I featured Amber’s story (the military mom I mentioned above) in my book, Living With Juvenile Arthritis: A Parent’s Guide, but I guarantee you, her story never became a viral internet sensation, and never will.

And that makes me mad too.

Hard is not knowing if someone you love is going to live or die (I had a family member serve in Afghanistan) Hard is spending weeks in physical therapy to try to get out of that wheelchair (like wounded warriors and our JA kids.) Hard is spending all day with your kid in the hospital (which is what I did yesterday.) Making a movie may be a challenge, but its not real-life-hard. Making that movie is a choice, and one for which the participants are handsomely paid, NOT the case in the scenarios I just mentioned. Real life hard is fighting for your life on the battlefield, or against a disease…not pretending to do it for a paycheck.

But still, these are the times in which we live. Everyone is outraged by Tom Cruise’s comments, but as a result- look who’s trending in a key word search today: none other than Tom Cruise.

Yep, I’m guilty too- I used him to draw you in and make my point. Now go give some attention to the real heroes, the ones who have a truly hard life, and give them their props.

Visit the Wounded Warrior Project, or send an active duty serviceperson a care package or card. It is Veteran’s Day Weekend after all, and that shouldn’t be just about shopping.

Take some toys or videos to your local children’s hospital, and brighten the day of another kind of warrior.

Give a little space on your Facebook newsfeed, Twitter or Pinterest board to something more like Amber’s story today (and tomorrow and the next day.)

Because truth be told, we might love to complain about Tom Cruise and how hard he thinks his life is, but we helped to create that monster.

Go forth and fix it.






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  1. Somehow I missed this story in the news. Exaggerated and taken out of context or not, Tom Cruise is a doofus. Plain and simple. I lost all respect for him years ago when he disparaged Brooke Shields for talking about her depression and said it was a bunch of hooey. I say again, he’s a doofus.

    The things you talk about matter. People who are sincerely struggling matter. Very few movies or actors will ever really matter, except on a personal level. We all matter as a person. And it is human nature to think our suffering is worse than someone else’s. But I don’t think his life is very often in danger while he’s shooting a movie. Doofus!

    Thanks for talking about things and people that matter. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    misssrobin recently posted…Surrounded by RattlesnakesMy Profile

    • Thank you MissRobin for backing me up on this one!Although I think some of what he said was taken out of context, part of me read it and wanted to scream “oh, BOO HOO” at the computer. A few days back it was one of the trending google searches- how crazy is that? He has said quite a few things in the past (reported IN context) that makes me feel like he is a few pints short of a gallon anyway, but this just had me irritated, period. Time to quite focusing on the stuff that doesn’t matter, and refocus on the stuff that does. Thanks for taking time to recognize the difference!

  2. Tom Cruise should experience what a real solider does to even utter that statement. UGH!
    Christopher James recently posted…New site – review3.comMy Profile

    • Truthfully, I think the comment was taken out of context, but given things he has said in the past, I think he forgets how hard others have it, and doesn’t realize (or care) that even an offhanded comment could be SO offensive, especially to those of us that are fighting real life battles or have friends and family serving in war zones overseas.

  3. He is SO out of touch with reality. As a former Military wife, and somewhat normal human being (LOL) I find his comments insulting. He should be forced to live in a shelter for 90 days to see how tough life can really be.

    • Hey Trish, thanks for stopping by (and love YOUR blog BTW) I’m not a military wife, but have had several close family members and friends serve. As an NFL wife, I also know how the media can skew things, BUT being in the public eye, you learn (or should learn) quickly that what you say can be misconstrued and go viral in a heartbeat. Mr. Cruise just doesn’t seem to care, and it bugs me that he gets the attention he does being the whackadoodle that he obviously is. It reminds me of that commercial, you know the one, “I’m not really a doctor, but I play one on television?” SO I guess that makes it so, right?


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