Mary, Martha & Myositis

Mary, Martha & Myositis… what do they have in common besides cool alliteration? Glad you asked!

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a salesperson. I know a lot of people who do direct sales and do well with it. I have GOOD friends who do (if you need an independent consultant for just about anything, let me know. I probably have a friend in it and can hook you up!) But me? Not so much, and I HAVE tried!

I’ve given up on direct sales since it’s really not my personality. I swore off any “new” campaigns to “get in on the ground floor.” I can’t hear you, lalalalala.

Then I had this friend who introduced me to Mary and Martha.

I’d never heard of it before. I looked around a little and told myself….YOU WILL NOT GET SUCKED IN.
I don’t listen to myself as much as I should.

I got sucked in.

I mean, look at some of this stuff:

A chalkboard serving tray? How cool is that?

A chalkboard serving tray? How cool is that?


Then I find out the (US based) company supports the Child Survival Program. AND there was a sale on starter kits. PLUS the starter kit had stuff I wanted, and there were no monthly minimums….
OK. I was sold.

I knew I "needed" this tray, and the creamer set too.

I knew I “needed” this tray, and the creamer set too.

I know, I know. I got sucked in. Great stuff, good prices, a US company with a conscience….stuff I want….

So, I decided, I’m going to do this just for me. Just for the stuff I want, and for gifts that I know I’ll be getting for Christmas.  I make/bake foods for gifts, and some of the dishes would be PERFECT for that.

Wouldn't you LOVE to get cookies from me on one of these?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to get cookies from me on one of these?


I know. I’m weak. I signed up. A few days later, I got my kit. The stuff was NICE. I couldn’t believe how nice it was for the price!  Then that got me thinking (I know, I know! That’s dangerous!)

What if I didn’t really sell this stuff, but I used it just as a fundraiser instead?

CureJM (Juvenile Myositis) is an organization that really helped me and my family through the first year of non-diagnosis. By that I mean that the docs knew my son had autoimmune disease, and SOME form of JA, but exactly what?  He was a mystery.  Because he was taking many of the same medications, and had many of the same issues, our hospital roommate (with JM) introduced us to the folks in the JM community, who welcomed us with open arms, despite our lack of diagnosis.

I don’t know how I would have survived that year without them.

Now, they need my help. JM is a rare orphan disease under the JA umbrella, and it doesn’t get much attention. Now through January 9th, they are entered into a contest through a site called Crowdrise. If they raise the most money, then they will receive a 100,000 prize, 100% of which will be donated to research. CureJM is run by volunteers. All money raised goes to research for a cure. I can’t sit back and do nothing.

So here I am, talking about Mary, Martha & Myositis. I decided to put it out there. I’m still not “selling” but rather, fundraising. 100% of my personal proceeds will be applied to the CureJM Crowdrise event. I hope you come by, look around, and decide to help the cause as well.

Better yet, bookmark my site: and share it with friends. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with a tally at the end!

I know you need to do holiday shopping (don’t we all) and I know that you probably would like your $ to go to more than just some big box retailer or in someone else’s pockets, so here’s a change to make a difference!

p.s. Thank you!




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  2. What a wonderful way to not only raise funds but to also raise awareness!
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