Oh, How Times Have Changed.

Daylight Savings Time. Oh, how I used to love saying goodbye to you!  Welcoming standard time meant an extra hour to lounge in bed, a precious hour of sleep! Even after the college years, your farewell meant a coveted hour of extra productivity, a symbol that fall had arrived, and I cherished your arrival.

This is the old me, happy to "fall back"

This is the old me, happy to “fall back”

Not anymore. Oh, how times have changed.

This is me now.

This is me now.

Now I have kids. Now I have dogs. Both have internal body clocks which don’t agree with your schedule. Thanks a lot.

If you have little kids or babies, you know exactly what I mean. Over the weekend I read posts from several other bloggers who cursed DST and the changes in manner far more witty than I could hope (especially since I am sleep deprived, after walking all three of our dogs between 4 and 5 am this morning.) Colleen over at Mommiedaze had me sounding like church. Can I get an amen? Boy, does she hit the nail on the head. Speaking of church, I also read over a post by The Actual Pastor, who let me know that  changing from daylight savings time was an actual plan to kill me.  I am thankful however, that I have teen children who do comply more than the toddlers they discuss, but ah, I remember those days. As I do, I am tempted to have a glass of wine (and it’s only 9 am, but it feels like 10?)

But before you hate me…

Remember I have dogs who don’t tell time. I have teen boys who are bottomless pits. Their stomachs are still on the old time.  I am now making “lunch” at 10:30 am.  I have kids with juvenile arthritis who maintain strict medication schedules. It will take us at least a week to slowly work those schedules to correspond to the “new” time. And this also includes working out food schedules since some medications are with food, some are without food and some are just on a time schedule. Now I have grouchy, hormonal disgruntled (hungry) teenagers, whose stomachs don’t necessarily see the value in arbitrarily changing times either.  Since I never was a big math person I’m always getting turned around with the old time, the new time, and how many hours in between pills(were those the hours between the old time or new time? )


Now I have a headache. Maybe it’s because I’ve been up since 4 am walking dogs, but went to bed at the “old time,” and I’ve only had one cup of coffee. Maybe it’s because I have teenagers and I’m in the early stages of senility. Maybe its just stupid Standard Time. Grr.

Maybe Arizona and Hawaii are the only ones who have it right! We have a few territories including Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands that also decide against participating in the insanity. Only 70 of the 195 countries of the world (that is 70 countries of the 195 recognized by the US State Department ) participate in the DST/ST debacle.  Go figure.

I guess tomorrow when I am up walking the dogs at 4 am (again) exausted from the mental gymnastics I have been doing to keep all my kids meds and meals on schedule, I will also be planning my move to Honolulu, Oman or Argentina (who USED to observe, but quit in 2009) before we do this again in the spring. I will be wondering if The Actual Pastor was right (they are trying to kill me) or if it might just be a ploy to sell more wine or products peddled on early morning informercials to stimulate the economy. Either way, times have changed. Time chages are no longer MY friend.








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