There’s Always A Turkey (And I’m Not Talking Poultry)

Call me crazy, posting twice today (on a holiday!) but maybe its just because I need a little “me ” time  on such an ahem “family intensive day.”

I was an only child, and am still a bit of an introvert, so although I love family holidays, they can be a bit, well, exhausting.

Especially when you have to deal with the turkey.


Well, that isn’t the turkey I’m talking about. (Even though cooking it just right can be a pain too, oh the pressure of getting it perfect!) But I digress.

This is more like the turkey I’m talking about:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [49] Storybook Rangers - Part 2

Well, not really. But that is what it feels like, and I think you all know what I am talking about. Its that ONE family member who shows up hours later than they are supposed to, the one who reaps all the benefits, but doesn’t contribute one iota to the work, toting a powerful weapon, and leaving a path of destruction in his/her wake…

Wait, what?

Well, they do say that “the tongue is like a sharp knife… (it) Kills without drawing blood.” and seems there is one “turkey” in the bunch doing just that. Every family has one (or two) that are saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, and generally making some of us wish the (poultry) turkey was stuffed with xanax instead of cornbread and sausage.

As the parent of a chronically ill child who “looks great,” we are often targeted by the “turkey” for unsolicited advice or judgements. It used to really get to me. Now, not so much.

There are plenty of other family members who are perfectly delightful. I know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of families that are playing out the same exact scene (if you don’t believe me, go check your FB messages and friend statuses.) So why should we be any different? This is one of those it is what it is times, and its really not about you. There will ALWAYS be a turkey on Thanksgiving (or any other big family get together) so don’t let it spoil your day. Smile, nod, and move along.

Or just picture them for what they really are.


Works for me!

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  1. katherine bartlett says:

    Gotta love family. My dad is the turkey this year. Not even a phone call.

  2. Loved reading your post! Love all the pictures!!
    claudia krusch recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide Game EditionMy Profile

  3. haha that turkey looks like it came from the Power Rangers set. Anyway, I hope you have been enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday regardless of the bad blood someone is causing!

    • Meh, my point is there is always at least one in the group trying to stir up the pot. You can’t let the Turkeys keep you down! (and yes- that was an evil power ranger turkey!)

  4. sometimes you just need a moment of sllence. and writing a post is a great escape.
    shari recently posted…Photo: Vogue Paris With Victoria Beckham – Talks Marriage to David BeckhamMy Profile

  5. God. I hate relatives like that. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving despite that.
    Christopher James recently posted…Joshua Pellicer TaoMy Profile

    • It was a nice Thanksgiving, but I think no matter who you are, there is ALWAYS one of “those” in the family or at the gathering, right? I may not be able to stick the turkey on their head at the peak of my frustration, but writing about it (and visualizing it) was the next best thing!

  6. I can totally relate to this post. Lol I sure hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

  7. Ah yes, we have one of those in our family! This is why we celebrate holidays differently now to avoid our family “turkeys” lol
    Trisha recently posted…Catch Santa in your home with!My Profile

    • Trisha, I think we ALL do! LOL. We are still pretty traditional celebrators of the holidays, so no luck for me on that one… but I have learned to be more like the duck in the bunch… I let it roll off my back just like water…

  8. Savannah miller says:

    I have a whole family of turkeys!! Most of the people on my dads side are two faced and always making rude remarks and putting their nose in everyone business! I dread the holidays because of them and if it wasn’t for my dad I would even go to his family’s dinner!

    • Oh you poor thing! A whole flock of them? Sounds like you need to make like a duck and let it roll off your back- easier said than done, I know, but at least its only once (or twice) a year?

  9. lol you just described Thanksgiving with my inlaws!! They forced us to attend American Thanksgiving this year although they had it a week early and we told them right away that we were busy (DH had a huge sale at work and got stuck with customers), Add in a snow storm and we were late!
    JENN recently posted…Food Friday- Dempster’s Gluten Free Raspberry French ToastMy Profile

    • Ah the in-laws. I wont comment here because I could get myself into trouble. lol. Its always hard to blend families, and that seems like a very common complaint. At least the snowstorm gave you a good excuse to be late and shorten the time a bit? (there is a bright side to everything if you look hard enough) Hopefully you didn’t get stuck staying overnight with the weather! (shudder)

  10. Enjoyed reading your post! Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Sabrina @ Pink Little Notebook recently posted…Wood Veneer Pendant Lighting: A Modern Twist on VintageMy Profile

  11. This year my mom, husband, and I had lunch at FRIDAY’s on Thanksgiving, not very traditional but at least we avoided the “turkey” in our family! 😛
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  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Come link up with me today!

  13. Erika Maddox says:

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Give the boys my love. Kick the”turkey” to the curb. ( I know easier said then done)
    Take all the “you” time you need. Keep your head high and keep on rockin’ it taking care of them precious boys.

  14. So you didn’t put the prescription meds in the turkey like I suggested?
    Karen recently posted…Saving the DogsMy Profile

    • Tempted as I was, I was too worried about a drug interaction with some of the other family members…. Just kidding, but seriously, I do think that there have to be meds involved for some folks to act the way they do sometimes! Picturing them with a turkey head like Mr. Bean really does help though!

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