Its both an explanation and a description today, even though I saw it coming.

In the back of my mind I was anticipating it. I mean after all, we flew through 3 airports (during the holiday season,) experienced a fifty degree temperature change, and have had our rumps parked at the hospital  clinic with sick people for 2 days. It had to happen.

And it did.

My little man is sick. Crud, my kiddo has the crud.

We tried to do it right before we came. We took extra doses of vitamins, ate well, drank plenty, as well as washed and sanitized hands like fiends.

It didn’t work. The sleep and schedule disruptions from the change in time zones, coupled with 6 hours on airplanes with recirculated air, on top of two 7+ hour days inside the hospital clinic… someone was going to succumb. My youngest was the first casualty.

It may be just a cold, but he literally slept through his rheumatology exam. The gallows humor surfaced for me and my big guy as we watched the doctor run him through all the range of motion movements while completely unconscious. We stifled giggles while she gave us a private performance of Pinnochio, Evan being the puppet and she being the puppeteer. The doc even commented that wow, he must be pretty sick and tired, he hasn’t even flinched! I would have videoed it with my phone if I could have gotten away with it. (no, not for you guys, but for that special mom blackmail that you need every now and again to curtail behavior in the most extreme circumstances- do it, or I could post THIS to YouTube!)

When he woke up (in time for his brother’s exam, go figure) he went through two boxes of tissues, before we even left the room. Great. And we are only on day two of our “See every doctor in LA” tour. Thankfully, I had a car and could stop by the drugstore for supplies on the way back to the hotel. It just added another 20 minutes or so to this extra long day that wouldn’t end.

Last night, I started getting an earache, sore throat and the sniffles. Crud. We left clinic at nearly 7pm (I told you it was a long day!) and decided to get a round of spicy asian noodle soup for everyone’s dinner. Crud, I plan to fight you!  You have not completely won yet!

Yeah, it has. Evan and I are up sick with whopper colds today, but thankfully, we only have about 3 hours of doc appointments today, and NO tests scheduled for tomorrow (that is a first!) so we will have a free day to rest, recover, and perfect our slug impressions.


This slug has more energy than me. He is holding his head up.

Ironically, the only one of us on immunosuppressants is the only one that is not sick. (hold on while I frantically knock on the fake wood of the hotel nightstand) Having an immunosuppressed kid go down with a routine illness can spell disaster, so I am admittedly nervous. I am also concerned for Evan that his cold will push him over into a JA flare if we aren’t super careful. This is the tightrope we always walk with JA.

On the bright side, if any of that happens, we are already here by all of our docs, and we can spend our “free day” back in clinic getting them fixed up……..

Yeah. I didn’t convince myself either. Crud.

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  1. Sorry to hear you and your little man have the CRUD. I hope no one else gets sick and that you are all feeling better really soon.
    Paula -Growing Up Bilingual recently posted…Healthier Dessert Options: Avocado Chocolate and Coffee Ganache Cake Inspired by Skinny CowMy Profile

    • We are better, but unfortunately my immunosupressed son just came down with it. At least we are home, not in a hotel for his bout. Fingers crossed that he recovers easily, even the smallest illness can become a big deal with immunosuppressed patients.

  2. Oh…poor thing. Can I just say…i LOVE that slug picture.
    Kathy @ CountingToTen recently posted…Helping YOU #PlanAhead with Family Size Meals This Holiday #shop #cbias @NestleMy Profile

  3. Sending you lovebombs! I hope he’s fine now.

    • Thanks! He’s still not 100% but getting better, just in time for us to fly home and catch something again, lol. I think pushing fluids and soup has really helped!

  4. I think being sick while you’re not at home is the worst! I hope y’all are feeling better!
    Cara @ Craft Dictator recently posted…Craft PartyMy Profile

  5. Awww, I hope your little guy feels better in no time. Crud is cruddy as my kids say 🙁
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted…Friday Foodie Photo – Elvis PlatterMy Profile

  6. sorry to hear that, hope you kid got well soon.
    thesellerfrank recently posted…MadAdsMedia Network ReviewMy Profile

  7. Ah so sad to read:( I really hope you all feel better soon! There’s not really a worse feeling than that 🙁

    • Thanks Jess- I stress about passing it around to my immunosuppressed kid, but other than that its just an inconvenient, cruddy cold for me. My younger son is starting to bounce back, just in time for us to get back on the plane and be exposed again, right? Lol. That’s life…

  8. So sorry to hear this… Hope you guys feel better. I have heard ginger honey is the best remedy for these and second this you can try any cabbage dish, use the vinegar based sauce. it cures head colds pretty much instantly.

    • We’ve been eating lots of soup and garlicky foods, because that has always helped us in the past (and spicy stuff does tend to drain the sinuses!) We also frequently use honey for a sore throat too. ALthough I believe in “western” medicine, I do think there are a few natural things that can help alleviate symptoms, and we do them the best we can, even though its harder when we are on the road.

  9. It’s so hard when everyone is coming down with it like that. You’re so right that it’s awfully hard to fight the germs off when you’re sitting in an airplane with the recirculated air. Every time I hear a sniff or a cough, I think I’m doomed!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas #PCholidayMy Profile

  10. I have never heard of CRUD before but I can totally relate! I dread when one kid gets sick because I know they all will end up with it, at least once!
    JENN recently posted…Teaching Emotions through Color with the Multicolor Kid Book #reviewMy Profile

  11. And please never post a slug pic again
    Herchel S recently posted…Just call me “a soon to be stay at home mom”My Profile

  12. Oh man! That’s horrible! Hope you both get over the crud soon.
    Herchel S recently posted…Just call me “a soon to be stay at home mom”My Profile

  13. Jessica Jones says:

    So sorry you guys are feeling sick! Loved the pictures, by the way!

  14. aw, crap. So sorry. Hope you get much better very soon.

    PS the Pinocchio story made me laugh. Thanks for that. 😉
    Lene recently posted…Show Us Your Hands! Annual Report: Empowerment and PrideMy Profile

  15. I hope you guys are feeling better soon. Crud is not fun. I’ve been dodging it for a few days now. All I ask is to make it through the next few weeks. After my birthday in January I’ll succumb to it! Too many birthdays and holidays in between to get sick now!
    Mary recently posted…Warm ThoughtsMy Profile

  16. In my family we make home remedies for this type of disasters and they always seem to work.. The ingredients consist of garlic, honey, lemon, cayenne pepper, black pepper & other stuff! its spicy and the taste not so good but it always knocks us back to normal!

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