A Random Act Of Kindness

A random act of kindness. Sometimes that is the only thing that keeps someone going.

I’m not going to lie.

Things have been rough in my camp lately. We’ve been back on the Juvenile Arthritis roller coaster, and had some family issues that have made things even more complicated. My older son had recently gotten approval for a new drug, which appeared to be working very well, then we got the news that its approval had been rescinded. Even if we decided to try to pay the 3k a month out of pocket to continue his treatment, because it has not been approved for pediatric use, we may not be able to refill it anyway. We might have to start the process all over again, and in the meantime… we might have to watch him slide back into the condition he was in a month ago…and that my friends, was not pretty.

Add to this the obscene amount of money I had to drop at the vet yesterday, and the fact that right before Christmas, I find out my vehicle really does need a new set of tires. Merry Christmas. When it rains it pours.

I’m not usually the type to sit around feeling sorry for myself, but I’m human. I had a poor me moment.

Then something extraordinary happened. A random act of kindness. Actually more than a few random acts of kindness, directed my way.

I believe in positive thinking, in sending good vibes, happy thoughts, well wishes and prayer. So while I was feeling really down, I posted one of those annoying, vague, facebook statuses, only visible to my friends:

Rough day. If you could send a few positive thoughts/wishes/prayers my way, it would be much appreciated!

Can’t hurt, right?

No- it can’t hurt at all.

I was overwhelmed with support. Texts, private messages, emails and comments in the status. I was only hoping for a prayer or two, but I was moved to tears with the outpouring of concern, and solid advice. Moms who had been through the drug denial process before sent me messages to remind me of avenues that I might not have considered. Some offered an ear, or let me know there were prayers going up for me. Someone even bought me a coffee (thank you facebook gifts!) Things that were really so small made a big difference to me, especially when you added them all together.

After I started feeling better, I switched gears. I thought about all the times that I could make a small gesture, or perform a random act of kindness to make that difference for someone else. I have had so much on my mind lately, that I have been going through the motions, staring zombie-like at my phone in the checkout line (waiting for the next email from the insurance company or my lawyer) and I have let myself be “less present.”  Over the last few days, I have been so wrapped up in our situation, that I have let myself be absent from the rest of life, and let those opportunities to do those random acts for others pass me by.

Not today. Today I will follow the lead of the YouAre Project and use one or two simple ways to brighten someone else’s day. I’ll look my cashier in the eye when she asks me how I am today. I’ll smile, ask her back, and pay attention to her response. I’ll make sure that I let each of my kids know I appreciate something they’ve done- even if I have to cover the phone receiver and tell the person on the other end “hold on just a minute” in order to do it.  I’ll do something for myself, just for a treat… maybe a starbucks, VENTI size, and then pay for the person behind me. The new tires are killing me, but $5 for someone else’s latte won’t.

And maybe that will be the random act of kindness that will turn their day around.

Teri Hatcher’s work with the JAA and on Chopped! is a very big deal. So was Paul Walker’s charity work. I try to do big stuff too, with our work as Arthritis Ambassadors, and participating in charity 5k’s like the Jingle Bell Run.We can’t always do all the big things like this, every single day.

But sometimes, the big things aren’t so big. They are wrapped up in the smallest packages, and only require the tiniest amount of effort. Just one text message, one smile, one complement… one random act of kindness can make all the difference in the world.  Those are the things we can (and should!) do, every single day.

Thank you to everyone who made my day brighter yesterday, and thank you for the reminder. No more poor me today. I’m still dealing with the same stuff, but with a different and better outlook. And I promise to pay it forward and be that light for someone else today.

Will you take the challenge?  Leave me a comment on how YOU will make someone’s day TODAY- with your “random act of kindness.”







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  1. Awesome post (& ps- oh my goodness- I”m always shocked when I get a vet bill!) lol!
    Becky recently posted…Mommy will you lay with meMy Profile

    • Becky, I know, right???? Having a dog is almost as expensive as having another kid at times- at least when they go to their respective health care facility, lol.

  2. This is such a great post and a wonderful thing to remember! I forget sometimes at it’s the small random acts that can make someone’s day. Thanks for sharing!
    Cara @ Craftdictator recently posted…Craft Frenzy Friday #21My Profile

  3. So sorry to hear about your son’s meds…prescriptions can be a pain in the rear. I love the whole buying someones else’s order thing, so maybe I’ll do that soon!

    • Jamie, you aren’t kidding! The scrips are a major pain in the rear, but at least we have access to them, and after some stress, we finally got re-approved, yay! Buying someone else’s order is a really fun way to spread the RAK spirit, you can do it at any drive thru too!

  4. I’m so happy that you received what you needed just when you needed it. Love when life works out that way to give us a positive nudge!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…Quick Snack Ideas to Pump Up an Afternoon Slump #greatstartsMy Profile

  5. Kim, you are awesome for turning bad vibes to a positive one. I also need this reminder, me and my boyfriend just had a fight and I guess it does not matter who started the right so I guess I’ll send him a happy good morning text to make his day 🙂 Thanks for the post! And always be positive. I love the way you handle things!

    • Thanks Pauline, its nice to hear that I am doing some things right, lol. How did the text work out? I know it had to make you feel good to be the bigger person!

  6. Sad about the experience but good you have strength to get rid of problems. When you make a habit to think positive and get positivity out of negativity then you emerge as winner at the end. Hope your issues on treatment of arthritis would end soon.

    • Thank you G.s.- I think our life with JA is a lot like being on a rollercoaster, there are plenty of big ups and downs, but if you hang on tight, you make it through. These things do make us stronger.

  7. And the really funny part is our RAK could come from a total stranger that we will never meet. I hope you get a RAK to get your son the necessary treatment he needs. Stay prayerful.
    Pamela @ Still Dating My Spouse recently posted…Dating n Love: An Unconventional Librarian and her true LoveMy Profile

    • Pamela, I did! Just about a week after I wrote this post, with only a couple of pills left, the drug company agreed to help me with a “bridge” program, and then the insurance reapproved our application the second time. it was such a relief. I never lost faith, but I did stress out a little!

  8. katherine says:

    I love hearing stories about random people being kind

  9. random kind acts from random strangers always touch me. it’s a reminder that despite all the bad things that people can do, there’s always kindness. i think the smallest act of kindness is giving smile. i always feel good when some random strangers smile to me.

    • I think the random acts of kindness performed by strangers always help restore my faith in humanity. Just when you think things have gone to the dogs, you are wonderfully surprised- at least I am. They make me smile too.

  10. I enjoyed your post and endorsed you on Sverve. I agree that random acts of kindness can really make a huge change in the lives of the people we affect, and also the people that they interact with. We are all connected 🙂
    Shannon recently posted…Dress to ImpressMy Profile

    • Shannon, thank you for the endorsement on Sverve, and for stopping in. I agree, we are all connected, and that one random act of kindness can spread like a ripple effect. Its worth the effort!

  11. I find this post very encouraging, thank you!

  12. I’d never seen the YOUARE project before, but I like it! Thank you for sharing that link. My random act of kindness today came from a tweet, or really a retweet because twitter is pretty awesome. I connected a friend who’s been looking for a job with another friend who’s hiring and that felt good.
    Rita Von recently posted…January 2014 Birchbox Review – or – Why I cancelled Birchbox.My Profile

    • I hadn’t heard of the YOU ARE project either, but I was intrigued! I’m glad you took the time to explore it further. Congrats on your random act- something so seemingly small (like a tweet) that had such a big impact! You must be so happy!

  13. Good job changing your life around. Best of luck to you and your family.
    Debi recently posted…Dollar Tree Ad Preview & Coupon Matchups This Week 1/12-1/18My Profile

  14. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Even something as a small as a smile to a random stranger can change someone’s day! Keep on being the great person you are!
    Sabrina @ Pink Little Notebook recently posted…New year, New projects!My Profile

    • Sabrina- you hit the nail on the head. EVERYONE is fighting some type of battle, and we have no idea what that is unless we walk in their shoes. The only thing I can control is my behavior and attitude, and hopefully , that will positively affect those around me. Thank you for the encouragement!

  15. Hugs to you and your family! I love how you have turned yourself around, you seem like such a strong mom! Random acts of kindness is such a great thing, my husband and I were actually just talking about this the other day. We have been trying to think of something to pay it forward so our kids could learn a great heartfelt lesson and to help out more.
    Jenn recently posted…5 Tips For Keeping Kids Safe When They Play In The BackyardMy Profile

    • After you get in the habit, it can almost be addictive! Its funny how giving like that to others, even something as small as a smile, or a genuine “hello” or “thank you” can change someones day or attitude. I think its great you are trying to find a way to share it with your children!

  16. Random acts of kindness are wonderful! And there is the bonus that they make you feel so good, too 🙂
    Joanna Sormunen recently posted…Your neighbour is the holiest object presented to your sensesMy Profile

  17. You’re keeping from getting negative and letting the gloom set in. Good job and great blog.
    Neva recently posted…Our Secret’s Out – We Love TrainsMy Profile

  18. I believe in power of positive thinking & random act of kindness.. Just recently I started charity in our town that helps families in need all year round with food hampers, clothing, toys, school supplies & not only at Christmas time. When I see the faces when they open the door & I hand them hampers they don’t expect it’s such a wonderful feeling 🙂
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted…Abruzzo Style Potato GnocchiMy Profile

    • Bibi, I think you are right. When we give a random act of kindness, although the intent is to do something for someone else, you find that it is really a gift to yourself as well, the feelings you get are fantastic!

  19. So sorry things are dumpy right now! I have a silly anonymous RAK I do at least once a week. I take a $5 bill, crumple it a little and leave it on the shelf in the store. Any store. Walking through the towel aisle, I toss it on a pile, put it behind a box or spaghetti or inside an egg carton. Imagine how fun finding $5. Some days it’s like gold.
    Karen @TheMissingNiche.com recently posted…The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Card EverMy Profile

  20. I like to hear stories like this.. Keep those negative feels away and keep the positive momentum going!

  21. This Christmas my Friend and I created a gorgeous gift basket for a mom at our church who had causually mentioned since her husband is on comp for a back injury, they were barely goign to be able to get by this Christmas. Our basket had treats and toys and snacks that might be missed this holiday season as it is seen as an extra expense. She was shocked and very grateful. I saw a post on fb about a contest about a random act of kindness share. I shared this story to inspire others. It turns out I was one of the winners and able to mail the family a butterball gift cert to buy a turkey!!
    Jenn recently posted…Homework Struggles! Advice Welcomed!My Profile

  22. That is such an awesome perspective! I think this time of year it’s so easy to get down on ourselves and get into a funk. I’m actually having an amazing day today and I’ll have to find a way to spread my happiness. Maybe I’ll bring my sister-in-law something special when she watches my kids this evening.

    • Love to hear that you might be inspired to perform your own random act of kindness by my post! Thanks for telling me, and I hope your sister-in-law was as thrilled as I was.

  23. I really enjoyed your post. I too have those days (and even weeks) where I feel like the odds are stacked against me. Feeling the support, love, and encouragement in little things makes a huge difference. P.S. I cannot imagine 3K in out of pocket costs each month! Best of luck to you!
    Jessica Harlow recently posted…The Couponer’s Diet: A Cautionary TaleMy Profile

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Jessica! Thankfully, the insurance finally came through, so we aren’t facing those huge out of pocket expenses, but I was sweating it for a few weeks!

  24. What a great way to turn something negative into something positive! The power of positive thinking is amazing! 🙂
    Becky Lyons Borgia recently posted…Looking For a Cleanser For Your Reusable Feminine Products (and other menstrual stains)? Review with Giveaway for Ruby’s Red Wash (Ends 01/21/14, Worldwide)My Profile

    • Positive thinking can make a HUGE difference! I try to always look on the bright side, even if I have a few “poor me, poor us” moments here and there. Thank you for stopping in!

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