Although I’m not Hawaiian ( I hear they love it there) and I did used to LOVE a fried Spam sandwich in my youth, I’m not a fan anymore. I’m not a fan of anything “Spam,” not the food…


and definitely not the electronic variety:


I’ve only been blogging seriously for the last few months, and recently I have been getting A LOT of spam comments. Since I moderate every one, and try to answer every single one of you who make a comment to me, these spam comments are pretty irritating.

Lat night I had more than 50 just from Japanese Porn sites alone. Thank you spiders and bots, but no thanks.

Before I got too irritated, ( admittedly there is something cathartic about hitting the delete button and reporting as spam… be banished! Take that!) I started to think about the whole concept of spam….

If you aren’t thinking about the Hormel “ham” product ( I use that loosely, ) the first thing that comes to mind is the Webopedia definition: electronic junk. Unsolicited or irrelevant emails. Ads that don’t even remotely pertain to your interests/wants/needs. Nonsensical comments on your blog that deal with subjects that could never be related to you topics… ever. (although maybe there could be a case for that one, as I have managed to relate Tom Cruise, Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela to Juvenile Arthritis, but you catch my drift.)

In my opinion, there is one more type of spam- one other form of electronic junk that isn’t from a bot or spider… and here’s where I bring it back to JA:


And it comes in the form of a text message.

Even though friends and family have known about my kids “issues” with Juvenile Arthritis for some time, there are still a few stubborn souls who either just don’t get it, or refuse to try. They know what to say and what not to say, but for some reason, the impersonal text gives them free reign to break all the rules, and revert back to old ways, many times in a flurry of unsolicited, irrelevant and non-factual texts.

During clinic yesterday, my son was subjected to some of this type of ” spam,” that ranged from unfounded medical advice, to insistent comments about how he didn’t understand the procedure that the doctor had just explained to me and him, in person (he did by the way, the person commenting wasn’t there, and had NO clue.) It is draining, time consuming, downright annoying and completely inappropriate under the circumstances.

Then I got it. Just like Gru here, from despicable me:


Spam is a total waste of our time, ALL of it. (don’t hate me Hormel, now that we are “clean eaters” I would throw your food version in there too.) Just because it came from a friend or family member, and wasn’t sent to the masses, doesn’t make it any less spammy. Its unfounded, irrelevant,and unsolicited. It pulls our time and focus away from the stuff we needed to be focused on (being in clinic halfway across the country.) So we treated it the same way. Phone off, explanation later, and delete, delete, delete. If it isn’t worth our time, it isn’t worth the energy or emotion. We will continue to inform and educate, but ignore the obvious wastes of our time. Getting into a text war never changed anyone’s mind, and takes focus off what’s happening in real life right now and puts you in that semiconscious place where you are composing the next text answer in your head instead.

Nope. Not going there. We have made an active decision not to let the Spam take over. We’ll be back in clinic today, phones off, emails unchecked until the day is over. Problem solved.

How do you control the “spam” in your life?

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  1. Hi Kim– Had to stop by and visit, and say thank you so much for checking out my new blog, SIMPLE. The best thing I ever did was set up strong SPAM filters on my blogs and emails… and I rarely even glance at those places.
    You are so right about not answering texts and emails when you are concentrating on something— that gets me way off track and distracted. I have to do better with ignoring the incoming stuff myself. After all, if it was really urgent, I would expect my phone to ring.
    Denise Gabbard recently posted…Need Some Cold Hard Cash for Christmas? ($500 Giveaway!!!)My Profile

    • I did it today, and it showed in my attitude! I was more relaxed, more aware, and definitely more “with it.” I’m not going to let the spammers control me, or my life!

  2. What? Japanese porn?? I’m not getting that!! I am getting shoes and sweaters! Delete, delete, delete, Same as you would do to the blog spam. Don’t even acknowledge it, says the dysfunctional commenter.
    Karen recently posted…Scrooge Slashed My TiresMy Profile

    • Yes- it is a bunch of Japanese porn and “bag sites.” Why, I have no clue… one day it was all woolrich and parajumpers, then everything was suddenly filled with foreign characters and promises of sexy men. Delete, delete, delete. I would prefer shoes and sweaters. Consider yourself lucky.

  3. Great post! It’s so easy to let the spam in and take over.
    Ashley recently posted…The Spirit of ChristmasMy Profile

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