And The Winner Is…..

And the winner is…..



In case you missed it last night, our hero, Teri Hatcher was the celebrity chef who took the prize last night on the Celebrity Holiday Bash Episode of Chopped!

That means the Juvenile Arthritis Association will receive TEN THOUSAND dollars, courtesy of the Food Network, and all of Teri’s creative (and hard!) work.

I feel like I just won the lottery. Even though Teri was the winner of the episode, her victory was a win of all of us.It was a win for  300,000 kids in the US, and thousands more across the world. They are  the true winners because this talented actress ( and chef!) brought national attention to their cause, one of the most misunderstood, underfunded, and under researched pediatric medical conditions- yet one so common it affects one in every 250 kids. Teri didn’t “just” bring home a $10,000 prize, she brought a tremendous amount of awareness to our issue, on a huge national platform.

That my friends, is a BIG win.

Grateful, thankful, awestruck… none of those things begin to describe how I feel about Teri and her efforts for Juvenile Arthritis. I am all these things, but to the tenth power. I am so appreciative that she chose US as her cause, and that she is such a champion for JA, and not just on Chopped!

Earlier this year, Teri hosted a celebrity yard sale to benefit the Juvenile Arthritis Association. It was quite an event, that also drew national attention.

Her commitment to the kids with pediatric rheumatic disease is not wavering- its a consistent effort, and Chopped!  was just the latest (and greatest!) effort to date.

If you are thankful for Teri too, let her know! Become a fan on her Facebook page and leave her a comment or two! Follow her on instagram, @officialterihatcher and congratulate her on the win last night. Stop by the Living With Juvenile Arthritis Facebook Page, leave a comment and share her victory photo!  Send the Food Network a message and let them know how GREAT these celebrity shows for charity are! Or last but not least, follow Teri’s lead, and support the Juvenile Arthritis Association too.

Teri has gotten the ball rolling, but she is depending on us to keep the momentum going. The ball is in our court now.

Let’s go team JA!






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  1. That is so awesome!!! What a great way for JA to get some cash and publicity!
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