Missing In Action

If you are a regular here, you may have wondered what the heck is going on. I’ve been missing in action lately. Two days turned to four, which then turned into a week. Before I knew it we were working on almost THREE weeks without a post. Life happens. Here’s what has been going on with mine.

Thankfully, things on the Juvenile Arthritis front have been very quiet with both kids. In fact, our last trip to clinic in LA was the best one ever for my older son, and my younger one showed no signs of active disease at this time!  That definitely makes me less apt to dive into JA posts. When we get a break from this disease, we want to take it- across ALL aspects of our lives, and since this is a JA blog…. well you get it, right?

Also I have been very busy behind the scenes. Some great companies and individuals have offered some products for me to review for you, from thermal heating pads to anti-inflammatory cookbooks. I don’t want to make this blog about reviews, but I do like to share products that we have used and that have been helpful to us in our JA journey, and to give them the real test, I do have to wait until my kids have some symptoms again. As much as I would love to believe that both boys are in some sort of remission, most of us who have been in this for the long haul recognize that JA is a roller coaster, and things usually come back up (or down) after a little time has passed.  I still remain hopeful, with just a smidge of  reality thrown in.

I attended the SITS Women Get Social/ Bloggy Boot Camp late last month, and I am working on lots of ideas I was given there to improve the blog for my readers. I admit this has slowed me down some, since I am trying to get better about making an editorial schedule and taking my own pictures (with a new camera!) As I have gotten older, I see that there is a little more of a lag with my learning curve than before, but stay tuned, and I think you will like some of the changes! Hopefully, they will be worth the wait.

Our “break” from JA didn’t last too long because we needed to get back to business on the advocacy and awareness front. I wrote a few posts for Everyday Health. My boys were chosen as the 2014 Chicagoland Youth Honorees for the Chicagoland AF Walk To Cure Arthritis. Exciting right? During my virtual break, we did a photo shoot, attended the event kickoff at Timber Lanes, and started raising funds  for the event in our area.



Early in the shoot.


“Hey, this is FUN!”


“Ok, are we done yet?”

We would love to have you join us, or find a walk in YOUR area. Of course if you would like to donate and leave a message of encouragement for the boys, they would love to hear from you on our team site, appropriately named  “Joint Effort.”


Also in the very near future, my boys and I are heading to Washington D.C. for the annual  Advocacy Summit!  We have been prepping for weeks, calling and emailing our U.S. Senators and Representatives to let them know about our visit and initiatives for legislation that will impact all Americans who suffer from any form of arthritis. Its an amazing opportunity, and very important work. If you haven’t been and are curious, I will be blogging live from the summit to share the experience. You can still join in, even if you aren’t traveling to D.C. through the Virtual Summit (just follow the link) and have YOUR voice be heard! Better yet, consider going one step further and  signing up to be an e-advocate. In 5 minutes or less, you can continue to make an impact throughout the year by emailing or calling your congressman when there is a “call to action.” In the meantime, you can see what’s going on via social media by searching for the hashtag #FaceArthritis.

So as you can see, following our many calls to action has resulted in being “missing in action” here, but that’s ok. Part of living with Juvenile Arthritis is actually LIVING with Juvenile Arthritis. The emphasis needs to be on the “living” rather than on the illness, and that is what we have been doing the last few weeks. Forgive me for the break in my virtual presence, and know that it was just because I was out there,  on overtime in the real world for a bit.  Thanks for stopping in, and don’t forget to check back next week for updates in Washington D.C.!

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  1. Glad to see you back. Sounds like you’ve been doing great things. I’m so glad to hear your boys had a good report from the doctor!Congratulations to your boys for being chosen as youth honorees. It will be a great experience for them. My daughter was a walk ambassador a couple of years ago and loved it. It was a great way for us to help spread the word about arthritis and increased our fundraising.

  2. LOVE the photos of the boys. So glad your back. Busy, busy, busy!!!
    Mindie recently posted…Chewy Spice Hermit BarsMy Profile

  3. I’ve missed reading your great posts but obviously you haven’t been letting the grass grow under your feet! 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted…Top Ten Reasons You Should Shop In Thrift StoresMy Profile

  4. Missing in action but the things you learned while away are worth it
    Cindy recently posted…Best Baby Strollers for Picky MomsMy Profile

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