More About Living with Juvenile Arthritis

Living With Juvenile Arthritis, is just that… it is about Living with JA, not just existing. Many families have a very hard time accepting the diagnosis, and the changes that come with having a child (or children!) with this condition.

The Living With Juvenile Arthritis blog is here to help. I hope you will find it an excellent resource in navigating your own journey, helping your family thrive within the new set of circumstances that life has thrown your way. Living with JA is not meant to replace or challenge the medical advice you receive from your team of physicians, it is a tool to give you more information, to help you formulate your own questions and processes for dealing with this disease, while assisting you in reclaiming your life.

My hope is that you will bookmark this site, and come back often to find new information on exciting research, ways to become involved in the JA community, to read up on interesting topics relative to the journey, and to find encouragement and solutions when you need them. You are not alone! I want to help you and your child learn to thrive not just survive with JA, while connecting with other families and providing the most up to date information possible.

More About Kimberly Poston Miller- The Mom Behind the Blog

Kimberly Poston Miller is the mother of two sons with very different cases of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Over the past decade, she and her family have navigated a number of diagnoses and conditions related to JA.

In the fall of 2013 Spry published her first book Living With Juvenile Arthritis: A Parent’s Guide to help other families acquire the information it took the Miller’s nearly a dozen years to compile. In addition to medical advice and care provided by family physicians and specialists, the book helps to fill the gaps surrounding the rest of your child’s life, from emotional well being, to family and friends, to challenges at school and everything in between. It was the guide she wished she had at the onset of her family’s journey.

Kim is an active member of the online Juvenile Arthritis Community, as well as within the Arthritis Foundation’s advocacy network, mentoring other families and lobbying for positive changes within our healthcare system.

Kim is currently seeking out additional freelance writing projects and/or speaking engagements. As a former NFL wife and director of Nurses for Newborns of Tennessee, she has had extensive media and public speaking experience, and can provide unique insight on a number of topics including but not limited to: juvenile arthritis, chronic illness, pediatric pain management, neonatal health programs, and life in the NFL.

With a BA in psychology, an MBA, post graduate study in Medical Informatics and several years in the field of medical management, Kim’s perspective is that of a well rounded professional with the realism of a parent who has been in the trenches.

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